The Many Benefits Of Solar Power

Unlike you home, car or boat, Solar is the only asset you can purchase that actually pays for itself over time.

Standard ROI for a Solar System can be less than 3 years.

Over 80% of all Solar purchases made in Australia uses finance options separate to the home owners mortgage.

  • Eliminates or reduces your electricity bills
  • Protects you from ever rising electricity costs – up to 62% increase estimated over the next three years (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal)
  • Increases the saleability and value of your home
  • Be seen to be GREEN
  • No moving parts, easy to maintain
  • Clean FREE electricity from the sun
  • Helping to save the planet for future generations


Why Trust Solar?

Electricity prices have been rising by 5% per year consistently over the last several years and this is expected to continue.

Why continue to buy power from the grid when you can generate your own?

Installing a Solar Power System (PV) to generate Solar energy will not only save money on your electricity bill, but will reduce your carbon emissions and reduce climate change.


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