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Australian Made Solar Products For Home That Can Be Benchmarked Against Any Other In The World

Be Confident You Are Buying One of the Best Residential Solar Panels on the Market

Coastal Solar Solutions is family owned and operated business, and a proud supplier of Australian Made Tindo Solar Panels.

Why Tindo Solar Panels?

Tindo solar panels are premium quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which are specifically tailored to suit the harsh Australian environment. Through focusing on automation and the use of advanced robotics, Tindo is able to produce a quality product at affordable prices.

Tell us when and how much energy you use, and we’ll customise the right solar solution.

Understanding your energy patterns helps us to design the best size system and decide on the best location. If you use most of your energy in the late afternoon, having some panels facing west means you can enjoy free energy for longer. Or if you’re home all day, but want the savings to keep going at night, having a larger system and storing surplus energy in a battery makes sense. We’ll make sure you get the right system for your lifestyle.

With an average 10 hours of sunshine a day in summer and 5 in winter, New South Wales is made for solar generation and storage.

Call our friendly team today on 0400 004 236 to discuss our solar system packages.

The days of paying ridiculously high electricity bills are over!

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